Our Kitchen Ranges

The kitchen has long been the heart of the home, but these days, it's so much more....  Kirkland Interiors believe that a kitchen is somewhere to be inspired and to create mouth-watering meals. A space to entertain, relax and spend time with friends. A place where the family can gather and catch up at the end of the day. So when you're putting together your ideal kitchen, you want it to not only be beautiful and inspiring, but also adaptable and suitably hard wearing. That's why you'll find Kirkland Interior Kitchen collections invaluable. With a huge choice of styles and finishes, whether your prefer a kitchen with classic, traditional elegance or a more contemporary, minimalist style, you'll find all the inspiration you need to create the perfect heart for your home.

Home Interiors Kitchens Bathrooms Bedrooms in Leicestershire and Midlands

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From traditional to ultra-modern, and with each one made to measure and exquisitely crafted, Kirkland Interiors Kitchens are undoubtedly the perfect fit. Choosing from a range of unique colours and styles, its amazing how much personality you can bring to your home. Whether its sleek lines, smooth curves, classic or contemporary, make a statement and inject some fun into your perfect kitchen

Classic Styles

Boundary Graphite

Harrow Light Grey

Highbury Dust Grey

Stonebridge Ice Blue White

Stonebridge Natural Lacquered

Wynwood Oak Grain Dakar

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Wynwood Oak Grain Grey

Home Interiors Kitchens Bathrooms Bedrooms in Leicestershire and Midlands

Wynwood Oak Grain Mussel

Wynwood Wood Grain White

Arlington Dust Grey

Arlington Ivory

Finsbury Dust Grey and Mussel

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 Its the heart of your home so shouldn't your kitchen reflect your personality?
Colour adds so much to any kitchen: style, personality, warmth... with colour you can create a focal point, lighten up dark corners or be mix and match creative. You can make it warm and welcoming, traditional and timeless or inspiring and modern.


Contemporary Styles

Aske Kashmir Stone Grey

Belair Graphite Mussel and White

Brera Light Grey

Ivory High Gloss Curve

Curve Light Grey and White

Hyde Stone Grey and Light Grey

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Nola Stone Grey and Kashmir

Reed Light Grey, Dust Grey and White

Sodermalm Dust Grey

Tenby Ivory

Valance Denim White Graphite

Zona Dust Grey Brown Orleans Oak

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